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The best gifts for your furry family members

The holidays are upon us and across the globe, people are clamoring to get their holiday shopping done. From fruitcakes to video games, gifts are being bought by the truckload in hopes of spreading some of that holiday cheer. However there is one family member that you may have forgotten this season, luckily for you TevraPet is here to help with our list of the best gifts for your cat or dog!


1: Flea and Tick Protection

They say the best gift is something the person can actually use, well then look no further. As we have discussed previously the cold weather is no reason to stop protecting your dog or cat from those nasty pests that want to make a meal of your fur baby. We recommend our FirstAct Plus for Cats and our Activate II for dogs!  They both take care of those bloodsuckers and will keep your dog or cat itch free well into the new year! And since it means you won’t be a target of those nasty bugs it’s really a gift for you too!


2: The gift of less stress

Holiday’s can be some of the most stressful time for your dog. People are coming and going, there are many sights, sounds and smells that they aren’t used to. It’s no wonder that with all of that happening your dog can get a little stressed. If your in-laws coming stresses you out, imagine how your puppy feels! Luckily there is an easy solution for you and your dog. TevraPet’s Calming Sniffer Chews offer a tasty and easy to use treat and pheromone blend. You just let your dog sniff the treat to immediately take the edge off, then let them eat it for a longer lasting effect! It can help you make sure Rover doesn’t get too uncomfortable during your holiday meal all while giving them a tasty snack! It’s a win-win for you pooch!



3: Savory Stocking Stuffers

Right about now stockings are being hung by the chimney with care, and you can hang one for your dog too! TevraPet’s Boone and Simply Country line of treats make wonderful stocking stuffers for your dog! From a slow smoked pork bone to ham jerky that tastes so good you’ll be jealous they get to eat it! Don’t forget the classic rawhides either. Treats can be used to reward or train your pooch and strengthen the bond between you. It might seem that treating your dog isn’t necessary, but the benefits are real. Just remember how excited you were for a stocking filled with candy, same thing for your dog!


4: The gift of health and well-being!

Everyone likes to look good and feel good, and it might not be so different with your dog. For many dogs, as they age, their hips and joints can start to hurt, just like ours. If you’ve ever seen your dog have a tough time standing up or limp occasionally around the house, then they might have a little stiffness in their joints. TevraPet’s Hip and Joint Soft Chews are designed with those dogs in mind. It has a blend of active ingredients that help improve joint health, mobility, and flexibility! Hip and Joint pain relief might not seem like a traditional gift, but less pain is something everyone can appreciate!

If your dog is still a young whippersnapper and isn’t concerned about their hips yet then they may be concerned about their coat, most human teens worry about their hair, why not dogs? Things like shedding and a less than shiny coat happen to nearly every dog during their life, you as their owner suffer through shedding almost as much as them! So that’s why TevraPet’s Skin and Coat Soft Chews make a good gift for both you and Fido. The special formula promotes healthy skin, coat and even tough pads on their feet. Since a healthy coat sheds less it keeps them beautiful and your sweaters fur free!

Both of those chews are also doggy taste test approved so they won’t even know it’s good for them!


The holidays give us a time to really show our love and appreciation for those that are important to us. It’s easy to forget throughout the year that our furry friends are always there for us with love in their hearts. So while you’re finishing your shopping don’t forget to get them a little something this holiday season!


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