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National Lost Pet Prevention Month

puppy on train tracks without leash

July is Pet Loss Prevention Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness for one of the biggest problems that pet owners and families can have. According to the ASPCA, every year, around 8 million dogs and cats end up in shelters around the U.S., and most of those pets belong to families. We want to give you some advice to make sure that you never have to lose your best friend.

First, make sure your pet is wearing a secure collar fitted with ID tags. This goes for dogs as well as cats. It’s a good idea to put your pet’s name, along with basic contact info, on the ID tags. This way, if your pet does end up at an animal shelter or in the hands of a good Samaritan, they will be able to let you know his location by using the phone number printed on the tags.

Getting your pet micro chipped is another easy step you can take to ensure your pet’s safe, speedy return if he happens to wander away. Your vet can do this for you at your dog or cat’s next appointment. If your dog or cat becomes a guest of your local shelter, they will scan her for several commonly used microchips and contact you immediately. It’s important to keep your contact information up to date with the microchip company’s registry to ensure your pet gets home as soon as possible.

For those pet owners who enjoy new technology, it’s also possible to purchase collars equipped with a GPS tracker. The tracking device is linked to a special smartphone app, so tech-savvy pet parents can easily locate Fido if he does escape. There are several GPS collars out there, so feel free to do your research to find the best product for your situation.

On holidays where your dog can easily get spooked from things like fireworks on the Fourth of July or scary monsters on Halloween, it is best to keep him locked up in a safe place inside your home. Foreign noises can be very scary and stressful for your dog, and he may want to escape to get as far away from them as possible, which may result in him getting lost. Before you start celebrating, set up a nice room or crate for your dog with his favorite blankets, toys, and maybe even a sound machine to help relax him and block out the outside noises. This way, you’ll have the security of knowing that he’s safe and sound while you’re out enjoying the holiday.  TevraPet has these Triple Action Calming Sniffer Chews for dogs. They have a patented pheromone on the outside, that when sniffed by your dog, immediately starts to calm him down. On the inside is another calming blend that begins working once your dog ingests the treat. These can help calm your dog during stressful times.

If the worst happens, and your pet does get lost, here are a few things you can try to help locate him. Contact all the local shelters in your area and let them know what kind of pet you have lost. If a dog or cat fits your description comes into their care, they will contact you immediately. You can also check Craigslist under the “pets” section to either post a “Lost Dog” ad or to check if there’s a “Found Dog” ad waiting for you. Posting to local Facebook pages or breed-related rescue groups can also be helpful.

While nobody should have to go through the stress of losing a beloved animal companion, we hope these tips will prove helpful if your dog or cat does wander away from home. We at Tevra Brands wish all our readers a safe and fun summer filled with many animal adventures!

By: Shanna Stichler and Diamond

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