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2 yellow labs

Sometimes in life you need a friend by your side in times like these.

Sometimes in life you need family by your side in times like these.

And sometimes in life you need a doctor or two by your side in times like these.

Luckily, I have my best friend Brie Dog, my Tevra Brands family and some of the best doctors by my side for times like these.

Just when I thought I was going to help someone Live a Life Without Boundaries, I found out I need my Tevra Brands family and doctors to help me Live a Life Without Boundaries.

Unfortunately, I have recently found out I have elbow dysplasia. Because of this condition I need to have a “career change” which means I can no longer be a guide dog and help someone Live a Life Without Boundaries.

Fortunately, I do not have any pain currently. I can run and play with my friend Brie like a normal puppy. I just walk funny right now. I will eventually need surgery to help with the issue. My veterinarian from Leader Dogs says that I can develop arthritis at an earlier age than a normal dog which is why I can’t be a Leader Dog when I grow up. Only 5% of all Leader Dog puppies get this diagnosis, which is half of the normal rate of dogs who are diagnosed with elbow dysplasia.

This news makes my whole Tevra Family and Leader Dog Family very sad for me. They were all very supportive and proud in helping me be the best possible Future Leader Dog. Unfortunately, sometimes health problems get in the way. I’m sure you can relate.

As we all know, when life give you lemons make lemonade. In thinking about this optimistically, I do have lots of options. The biggest one that I like is that my Tevra Brands Family has an option to keep me for an office mascot and pet. They love me so much and I love them tremendously. They said because I have such a great temperament, and the fact that I am already in training, I could be a local therapy dog. I would still be able to help people and I like that very much. Leader Dog’s puppy Training raising program is so awesome, and I am so lucky to have been exposed to so much in the past six months. The opportunities I have had will help me become the best adult dog I can be. I was just told on my last plane ride what a well-trained puppy I was and my Tevra family was so proud of me too.

Right now, I could use all the love that I can get from my supporters. Thank you for watching my journey and giving me encouragement to be the best possible guide dog. It means so much! Your love and support really helped me keep going because being a guide dog is very serious business and your support was very helpful in my training. I hope that if my Tevra Brands family fosters another Future Leader Dog that you will support him or her. I know that I will teach him or her all I have learned so far!

I will keep in touch and keep you updated on how I’m doing now and in the future.
You all will continue to be important in my life, and I hope my life in yours.



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