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Happy National Love Your Pet Day

teen girl with long brown hair and cat

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! In honor of this momentous occasion, we want to introduce our faithful readers to Will and his service dog Sprite.

Sprite is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever, and she helps 13-year-old Will and his parents. Will has Down syndrome, and Sprite is his companion and confidant. She attends classes with him and helps build self-confidence and responsibility.  When Will was younger, he didn’t always want to talk to people because strangers had trouble understanding him. He really enjoys answering questions about Sprite though, which has made him feel more at ease talking to people in general.

Sprite is also happy to listen to Will or fellow students practice reading to her. She often attends middle school with Will and helps him feel more at ease among his classmates.

Will also enjoys just hanging out with Sprite. He loves basketball, soccer, and other sports. Sprite often hangs out with him while he practices. Will is also responsible for, and enjoys grooming Sprite’s gorgeous golden tresses and giving her daily joint supplements to keep her healthy and working well. His mother, Kim, helps him apply monthly flea preventatives and gets Sprite to the vet for annual checkups.

Service dogs are often matched with kids with disabilities like Will, and they are an invaluable help to their people and their families. It’s clear watching Will and Sprite that they make a wonderful team. We at Tevra Brands want to wish them many more adventures together!

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