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Celebrating National Mutt Day

July 31st is National Mutt Day! This special day encourages us to give some extra love to our mixed-breed canine buddies. National Mutt Day was also created to educate the public, especially people searching for a new pet, about the benefits of adopting a mixed-breed dog. The truth is that Mutts make up the largest number of dogs in shelters across the country because purebred pups are in high demand and typically purchased from breeders. So today, let’s take some time to learn more about the wonderful world of Mutts.

Benefits of mutts

Look, there’s nothing at all wrong with owning a purebred dog, but mutts definitely have their charm. Here are some awesome benefits to adopting a mixed-breed dog.


  • Hybrid vigor. According to com site, and other sources, genetic diseases, think hip dysplasia, that may be present in one breed can cancel out the genetic disorders in another breed. This results in a phenomenon called hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor helps mixed-breed dogs live longer, healthier lives than their purebred cousins.
  • Working ability. Yes, it’s true. Mutts can do jobs just as well as a purebred. Many service dog training programs actually cross various pure breed dogs on purpose, so they can better meet the needs of clients with disabilities. Mutts have also been used for drug detection, bomb-sniffing, and search and rescue.
  • Unique appearance. Another nice bonus to mutts is that each one has his own unique look. Most of us probably know that crossing different breeds with one another has become increasingly trendy, partly for this reason. Can we all agree that no matter where they come from, our mixed-breed friends look just as adorable as any purebred? Of course they do!
  • Saving lives. Saving the life of a dog in need of a forever home is, by far, the best reason for owning a mutt! Every time we adopt a mutt, we avoid purchasing a puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy mill. We can also be surer that our new family member won’t have the serious temperament and health problems commonly found in dogs from these sources.
  • Mutts are cool & popular! Mutts are becoming more and more popular and sometimes referred to as a designer breed.  Doodles in combination with many shedding breeds are really trending and garner a price tag that may exceed that of a pure-bred pup.
  • Just like researching a pure-bred breeder, breeders of mixed breeds should also be checked and validated.


Other ways to help mutts

If adopting isn’t in the cards for your family just now, that’s OK. There are lots of other ways you can help a mutt in need, today or anytime. You can donate to your local shelter. Your donation will help provide funding for programs, supplies, or for housing more pups in need. If you don’t feel comfortable donating money, check with shelters in your area about needed supplies instead. Alternatively, consider volunteering with a shelter in your area. It’s a really fun way to get some extra puppy love while helping homeless pets, a win/win for everyone!


Here at Tevrapet, we love all dogs, but National Mutt day is a wonderful way to celebrate our adorable mixed-breed friends. Give some extra cuddles to your mutts today and every day!

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