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The Story of Nellie

yellow lab puppy laying down sleeping

It is National Tell a Story Day. I thought I’d tell a little story about me! My journey began with my mom who lives in a home with a breeding stock host. My mom and dad were selected by Leader Dogs for the Blind to be breeding stock. Their purposes are to bring puppies into the world with the right genetics and temperament to become a Future Leader Dog. I stayed with my mom for the first 7 weeks and then I traveled to the campus for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I was evaluated here and accepted to go onto the next step.

The next step is where my Tevra Brands family comes into the picture. Once you are accepted to become a Future Leader Dog, you go to live in a puppy raising home. The Tevra Brands family decided to step in and become puppy raisers. I get to live with them for my first 10 to 12 months of life. Leader Dogs for the Blind provides puppy training counselors to teach my Tevra family how to train me. I am currently learning proper behaviors and commands that are needed for what I hear is called a solid foundation.

Once my puppy raising is complete, I will have to leave my Tevra Brands family. It will be very sad for them and me, but I have a big job to fill. I will travel back to Leader Dogs for the Blind and learn more from the training staff about becoming a Leader Dog. Finally, when I am ready, I will start my ultimate adventure! I will be paired with my human, a person who is blind or visually impaired. I will help this person travel and do things independently, as well as become their companion. One of the best parts of all of this is not only do I get to help my human; Leader Dogs for the Blind provides all of this at no charge to my future human.

As for now, I’m glad that I get to share my adventure with all of you. All this story time has made me sleepy. My Tevra family has become my paparazzi. Apparently, I’m super cute when I sleep. You can judge for yourself.

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