Tevra Tails Bio:

Nellie is a dog that many Tevra fans are familiar with! She was originally a puppy in the Leader Dogs for the Blind program that was being raised by the Tevra Team! Unfortunately, health issues prevented her from becoming a Leader Dog but it meant she could stay with us! A silver lining we are all grateful for! Nellie is a fun-loving, lab that more often than not has either a toy or a treat in her mouth and a smile on her face! On warm days you can find Nellie out by the pool, she loves to swim! Nellie lives with fellow pack member Brie!


Favorite Tevra Item:

Being outside is important to Nellie! Because of that she loves TevraPet First Act Plus for Dogs! She needs flea and tick protection that’s waterproof so she can keep swimming! The waterproof formula in First Act Plus means she can swim for hours and hours without falling prey to nasty pests!

Her love of water is why she wanted to start in a First Act Commercial!

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