Tevra Tails Bio:

Diamond is a hard-working service dog that helps one of the members of the Tevra Team add mobility back into their life! She is a sweet and attentive dog that takes her job seriously! When she’s in the Tevra Office she doesn’t get distracted by all the yummy treats and fun-loving dogs around! But that isn’t to say it’s all work and no play for Diamond! She loves playing with her toys and enjoys a good belly rub as much as the next dog!


Favorite Tevra Item:

Diamond LOVES TevraPet Activate II because it repels fleas and ticks as well as kills them! Since she can’t afford to get flea bite dermatitis and be unable to wear her harness! That is a risk she can’t take so she SWEARS by Activate II!


She loves it so much she’s even in a commercial for it!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiXqNhJqzQs”]