Tevra Tails Bio:

Beans is the spunky daughter of Tevra Tails Pack Member Zoey! Like any rebellious teenager, she and her mother argue a lot but deep down they are two of the closest members of the pack! Beans is a big dog in a small dogs body! She has a lot of energy and sometimes a lot of attitude! But that’s part of what makes her a loved member of the Tevra Tails Pack!

Favorite Tevra Item:

Beans is a fiercely independent dog and doesn’t like to spend a lot of time worrying about her flea and tick protection! That’s why she loves the TevraPet Proact Flea and Tick Collar! Each collar lasts 6 months so one tin gives her a WHOLE YEAR of flea and tick protection!

You can even see her model them in this amazing commercial!

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