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WooCommerce Review #536

I applied the activate II per directions and after 24 hours my little 12 year old cockapoo stopped itching. After 20 days she started itching constantly. I then re read ALL the reviews, and believe because i live in a southern state, this product doesnt work as well either. It worked for 20 days better than frontline though. I reapplied the product early, which was yesterday, and this morning she is still itching, just not as bad. I am so disappointed, for my dogs sake as i have limited funds to spend and i dont want to overload her with high doses of chemicals. I dont think this product is the same as advantix. I really could use the refund so that i could get the other product, but i know that probably wont happen. I really had so hoped this would work for my little friend 😢

Melody Grimmett
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