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I volunteer to raise puppies for Leader Dog for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan. Thanks to this wonderful company, our expenses as volunteer puppy raisers are greatly reduced. In the past, we were responsible for all their flea and tick prevention needs. Tevra pet now supplies us with enough FREE Tevra Activate II Flea/Tick and Mosquito repellent for the puppies we are raising for one year. As our puppies are being raised as service dogs and are in the public much of the time, it is very important to keep them free of fleas and ticks. More important for their continued health is the products ability to repel mosquitoes. Through our volunteer puppy raising efforts it helps Leader Dog clients receive their fully trained Leader Dog absolutely free. As charity giving is now becoming more diversified, Tevra is also helping this organization cut costs to continue the goal of this wonderful organization. After seeing how this product has worked on the puppies I raise, I am now using their products on my personal dogs and cats. Did I forget to mention the treats! My pets all love them as well!

Debra Kaminski
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