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Ask The Vet: Anxiety In Dogs

Dog Fireworks and Anxiety

We sat down with Dr. Hansen to discuss Anxiety in Dogs, something a lot of pet owners have to deal with but that many of them don’t understand!

Q: Can dogs get anxious?

A: Yes this is probably a bit obvious but it’s a question we get a lot if dogs can feel anxious in a way similar to how people do. The answer is yes, your dog can feel anxious or scared just like you can, it might not always seem the exact same.

Q: What are some signs that my dog is anxious?

A: Usually the signs will be pretty obvious since your dogs behavior will usually change greatly. Excessive barking, destructive behavior, depression, panting, urination in the home. There are a lot of different symptoms and each dog will respond differently to different situations so just pay attention to your animals behavior.

Q: What can cause anxiety in dogs?

A: A variety of things can cause anxiety in dogs. Loud noises like thunder, gun shots or fireworks is one of the most common, especially during holidays where fireworks are common. New people in your home or a large number of people in your home can also make dogs anxious as they don’t quite know what is going on. Some dogs as they get older can get anxious very easily. Some dogs also have separation anxiety when their owner isn’t around.

Q: What steps can I take to avoid my dog getting anxious?

A: Well one of the best solutions is to avoid those situations that would make your dog anxious. Don’t invite so many people to your home during a holiday, and if your dog doesn’t like fireworks you maybe should consider being out of the city during 4th of July. If your pet has separation anxiety you may want to look into bringing them with you more places.

Q: Can I give my dog anything to combat anxiety?

A: We at Tevra Brands have actually created a wonderful product to help calm pets down, our calming sniffer chews. They work well not just for anxiety but for dogs that get overly excited as well. It uses a patented pheromone technology that when sniffed instantly calms the dog down. Then when it’s eaten the dog has long lasting calming effects. It works wonders for any type of behavior issue your dog may be having.

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